Loving, Reliable Home Care in Berlin
30 Years of Experience

Professional Care and Assistance for Everyday Living

The older we get, the harder it gets for us to perform everyday tasks. Things we have always taken for granted, like our ability to wash, groom, dress, and undress ourselves, prepare meals, and clean our homes, become increasingly arduous. If we are additionally burdened by reduced mobility as a result of physical impairments, otherwise simple errands like shopping or visiting the post office turn into ordeals. At first our families try to help us but, especially if we require continuous care, nursing, or regular medical treatment, they are eventually overwhelmed. This is the time to seek the help of a provider of professional home care services. You can obtain this support from Hauskrankenpflegestation City e.V. (“Pflegestation City” for short), an experienced provider of in-home care services in the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Schöneberg, and central areas of Berlin.

Our main medical focus is on diabetes and wound management. All of our dedicated professionals have received special training for these tasks and regularly attend a variety of courses to upgrade their skills. This is a genuine win-win situation: we can count on highly qualified staff, and our patients receive the best possible care.

'Ambulant in guter Hand' - Home Care in Berlin ...

We assist you in many ways including ...

Loving, personalized care

Attentive care that is consistently provided by the same professional.

Self-determined services

As much active support as you need and actually want.

Medical care

A wide range of medical care as prescribed by your physician, such as changing of bandages, injections, wound management, and much more.

Help with forms

Advice on all aspects of care, plus assistance in filling out forms.


Basic care and treatment, plus handling of domestic tasks in the event of a sudden illness or during post-hospitalization convalescence.

Help with pets

Care of your pets, also when you are absent, for instance during a holiday trip, rehab, or a stay in the hospital.

... as well as anything else you may require. You are a person with your own unique attributes, preferences, and aversions. We accept you as you are and treat you accordingly. You can count on us to do our very best to fully meet your wishes. Thanks to our 24-hour on-call service, you are in good hands around the clock. We also provide a number of other services; please contact us for details.

Pflegestation City is also an important source of information for your friends and relatives. Whether you require assistance yourself or wish to inquire on behalf of a family member or acquaintance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can count on us to counsel you with complete confidentiality and no further obligation on your part. We’re looking forward to answering your questions!